Fun Friday!

Oh my goodness, I had to join in for Fun Friday with the girls from Freebielicious.  I LOVE to have fun in the classroom.  And really... in kindergarten you have to make learning fun.  So it's a win - win.  Here are a just few fun things that we have done in my classroom:

This is one of my favorite fun things we did last spring.  We had a big unit on honeybees.  The kids each made an anatomically correct honey bee and then we used them for learning activities.  This is a photo of a few of my sweet kiddos pretending to be worker bees in the hive telling me what they are doing and what is in the cells.  Such a fun way to learn and assess.

 This is always a hit with the kids.  This is not a new idea.  I first saw it on Pinterest.  Here is a link to the blog with this idea:  Juggling with Kids.  So, I used my Sight Word Super Set to make one for my classroom.  It is well worth your time to make one of these.  I especially love to play this game right before I do sight word assessments.  Great review!

I love to do lots of arts and crafts related to learning because it is fun and it is a great way to give young children creative expression.  Melt art is just one of many fun art projects we do.  You can see the full post on it here: Melt Art Fun!

You can check out this blog post: Snow Much Fun! to see what we did with those snowballs for some winter fun in my California classroom (where it NEVER snows).  There is a link to a cute snowman list FREEBIE on that post.

We love to play games too!  Games are great for subitizing, counting, skill practice, social skills, and FUN!  This game is from my Sight Word Super Set .  I also did another post on games with a FREEBIE rhyming game.  You can go grab it by clicking on the link or the image of the game below.  It's black and white to save printer ink.

 Go check out the other great blogs with fun ideas and freebies over at Freebielicious!  You can get there by clicking on the button below.

I hope you found some new ideas for having fun in your classroom.
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    1. I love the bees! I bet your kids had fun making them. Anything hands-on sure increases their engagement. I've never seen the Parking Lot game, so I'm off to check it out. Thanks. (I saw a typo in my comment the first time which is why I removed it.)
      Always Primary

    2. Thanks for stopping by! Yes, the bees were the highlight of my spring unit and the kids had so much fun with them. Glad the parking lot game is new to you. It has been a great center in my classroom. It's great for RTI too.