Calendars for Number Writing UPDATE!

Hey there!  I posted my new calendars for the year last week and I wanted to reach out because the product is now offered in two ways.  There is a perpetual version where you will receive a new download each year for as long as I am teaching.  It is also offered as a single year download like in the past.  But, here is why I am reaching out: 

If you purchased this product last year, DO NOT PURCHASE AGAIN!!!  You own the perpetual version.  Lucky you!

I have seen some purchases happening and I think I labeled these products well enough for folks to make an informed choice about which one they want to purchase.  But there was a part of me worried that former CFNW customers might think that they still needed to purchase this every year.  So, just to be sure, I wanted to show you what to look for on the product so you can check to see whether you own it.  Go to the product and make sure you are signed in to TpT.  Here is the link: Calendars for Number Writing ~ Perpetual~

That is a picture of the product on my computer.  Because I created the product it says "EDIT" above the download it now button in red.  This is what that will look like if you own it.

That is a clipart product that I own.  So that is what you will see if you own the Calendars for Number Writing.  I hope this is a help and prevents anyone from buying this again.  If you do end up buying it again, please contact me in TpT Q&A or by email and I will give you something in my store worth $5.00 or less.  

While I am here, I just want to mention that I made an important improvement to the product.  I changed the font of the month and the year.  I think it is much better.  The other font was very cute, but not for little 5 year old sweeties we want to try to read it.  This is what the calendars look like this year:

Lastly, I just want to show you the calendars we did for June in the classroom at the end of the year because my kiddos did a super job on the artwork.  I just LOVE art made by young kiddos.  I am missing my students from last year.  I can tell it is time for summer to end...

Well, thanks for stopping by!
Happy teaching!

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