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Just wanted to let you know that I am having a SALE!  Leap year only comes around once in a while, so why not have a sale?  Everything in my Teachers Pay Teachers store will be 20% off Sunday Feb. 28th and Monday the 29th.  Yay!  Hope you go grab some good deals.

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Five for Friday!

I am so excited to be doing a Five for Friday again!  Thanks so much to Doodle Bugs Teaching for hosting this linky.

My report cards are done and went home Thursday.   I had a great week with my kiddos.  And... I went to the best teacher meetup EVER last weekend.  I will be doing a more in depth post on that soon.  I hope...

The #teacherstakesacramento2016 pacific coast meet up happened last weekend.  Over 80 teachers came together for fun, friendship, and lots of great swag and prizes.  What a fantastic weekend!

We did a fun scavenger hunt around Old Sacramento Saturday morning.  I met some great teachers!

You should check out Instagram to see all the great teachers involved.  Search the hashtag above.  I will go into more detail in my post about the meet up.  You will LOVE to see all the swag!  It was an awesome event.  Check back for a post sometime this weekend.

Every morning this week, the big, almost full, moon was shining bright through my kitchen window.  I just had to go outside and try to capture it.  Try is the operative word here.  It was so beautiful!  My crappy photo doesn't do it justice.  I love seeing the moon through the trees...

This is a sweet "origami" love note from an adorable little student.  She gives me beautiful little pictures and other works of art regularly.  She is such a sweetheart!  This is one of the things that makes teaching special.  I love my job.  Kid gifts are the best!

We have been doing a non fiction mini unit on Bears this week.  This is how I set my kids up for success for informative writing.  This is an oral report outline created collaboratively by a small group.  Then I model the wrong way to do the report and the right way to do the report.  I support them with topic/conclusion sentence examples and then each student in the group comes up and does the report on their own using the outline.  They say a full sentence for each idea starting with the topic, then moving through the three star ideas and concluding with another sentence about the topic.  The kiddos did a great job.  I had a few sweeties tell me this is their favorite job.  Yay!!!  Do you use Step up to Writing at your school?  This is my kindergarten adapted way of doing it for little learners.  Tomorrow the kids will make an outline with their own ideas  like this on paper and practice the report orally.  Next week we will use it to write an informational report on bears.  Woo hoo!

Last but not least, I am kicking my feet up as I blog in my cute new socks from Tom's.  They were donated for the rockin' swag bags we got at the pacific coast meetup.  It was the best swag bag EVER!!!

Make sure you check out all the other great blogs over at Doodle Bugs Teaching!

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100 Days - Hooray!

Hooray!!  We just had a super fun and exciting 100 day celebration in our classroom.  Each sweet little student made a 100 hat with either tally marks or 100 stickers on it.  Each kiddo also got a 100 day completion certificate like the one I am holding.  (You can find that here: Print and Go! 100 Days Math and Literacy)  I felt so happy that we had a successful 100th day together, I was bold and posted this "selfie" (taken by my friend Bria) on Instagram yesterday.  Yikes!  You will see the reason this picture is here on the bottom of the post.

Do you ever do count downs in your classroom?  I try to do this whenever the kids express curiosity in how many days are left until some special event.  First, we collaboratively figure out how many days are left and then I make the number in tally marks.  We erase one each day and use the tally marks to determine how many days  are still left.  They love it and it builds anticipation.  You have to make sure your class can handle the added excitement if you do this and make sure you put on a great day so it lives up to expectations. 

I like to do collaborative 100 activities in the classroom before the day arrives.  This bulletin board is showing all the books we read during the week of the 100th day.  It is really easy to accomplish this if you include books from guided reading and independent reading practice.  I write the title and author on each paper and the student writes his/her name.  You can see them better here:

The kids are always really proud to see that we are collaboratively reading over 100 books per week on a regular basis.  You can grab these book recording papers to make your own bulletin board for FREE at the bottom of this post.  

 I also did a 100 acts of kindness project with my class a couple years ago.  Here is the bulletin board while the project was in progress:

I was really proud of this group when they were actively trying to do kind things at school each day.  It was such a sweet activity.  Each time a student did something kind, we wrote out the act with his/her name on a heart and put it up on the board. 

This year, we did a project based homework activity where each child brought in something that s/he had made with 100 objects.  I was so impressed with the outcomes.  There were several buildings made with plastic building blocks.  There was a cool necklace and we also had 100 hearts on a string which my sweet little student wants to keep in the classroom as a decoration for Valentines Day.  I said YES!  Here are a few others that were really fun:

100 beads to make the number.

100 leaves and other natural elements to make a sweet art piece.

This was named "Dollar Man" during our walk and talk discussion time to look at all the projects.  The kids did such a nice job of making positive comments and asking great questions about their friends' work.

Everyone in our class was impressed with this amazing sculpture made with 100 plastic items.  Many kids wanted to know how it was glued together.  We found out that hot glue was used by about 6 out of 20 students to do these 100 item projects.

This was another favorite with our class.  The 100 button tree is absolutely beautiful.  Ahhh...

I always do the 100 days snack activity.  It is a favorite with students and one of the things they remember long into their older years.  This is a simple activity to accomplish if you don't mind shopping for the goodies.  Here is an example of how my kiddos count out 10 each of 10 snacks:

YUM!  That mat is from my Print and Go! 100 days pack.  It has lots of black and white printables to help you with your 100 day celebration.  The kiddos take the mat around the table of treats and count out ten of each on each of the circles.  When the mat is full, they fold it and slide the snacks into a plastic zip bag with their name on it.  Easy and FUN!

I also like to have my kiddos write about what they would do with $100 every year.  I leave this prompt open ended (what would you do rather than what would you buy).  I love it when kids decide they would save the money.  Every year I have at least one or two that say they would save it.  I have even had kids say they would give it to charity.  Wow!  Here are a couple of really cute ones:

"I would save it for the Disney Hotel.  I would meet Mickey and Minny."

" I would save a $100 bill and I would put it into a treasure chest."

OK, this is my favorite activity.  Do you do an estimation station for your 100th day celebration?  I love doing this because it is a great critical thinking challenge for your young students.  There are many ways to do this type of activity and you can find it on blogs all over the net.  This is just the way I have always done it.  You might want to do this after your kids have had plenty of experiences with estimation using different sized objects in the jars you plan to use for the activity.  We did estimation each day for two weeks leading up to this.  One jar has more than 100, one jar has less than 100, and one jar has exactly 100.  Do you know which one is which?  Most of my kindergarten students guessed right!  I was so proud of them.  Here are some examples of the work from this activity.

Here are the actual numbers:

Yes, this activity is in my Print and Go! 100 days pack too.  That pack has been such a huge help to me.  It also includes estimation practice sheets so you can lead up to the activity above.  These are what the practice sheets look like.  There are four on an 8.5 X 11 inch page.

Another fun activity we did this year is using an iPad app to make our photos look like we are 100 years old.  It was a free app and it works!  I know I should be embarrassed to post this picture of myself.  Time for true confessions here.  I took this at 6:00 am the morning of my 100th day.  I had another technology activity planned, but after talking to a friend the day before, I decided to do this because she had done it too.  So, remember, this is no make up, no smile, bed head, and NO COFFEE!  I was testing the app to make sure it worked.

Boy, does it ever work!  My husband was horrified when he saw this picture.  But my kiddos were absolutely in stitches!  They thought it was hilarious and were so excited to make one of themselves.  So, each student had a photo taken with the iPad and then we printed out the "100 years old" photos on my classroom printer.  It was fantastic!  We were having so much fun with it that we also took pics of our principal and the school secretary as well as all the parent helpers in the room.  I can honestly say that this app made my adorable 5 and 6 year old students look like senior citizens.  We are going to use the photos to write about being 100 years old next week.  This is the app I used: Aging Booth by PiVi & Co.   It was FREE and it worked great for my students in my classroom.  Go back to the top to compare this photo with what I really look like.  Ha ha!

If you are looking for more ideas for your 100th day celebration, check out my other blog post here: 100 Days of School!  You may also want to go look at my Pinterest board here: 100 Days of School! on Pinterest

OK, here is the 100 book bulletin board FREEBIE:

Click on the link under the image to go grab it.

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you have a super 100th day celebration with your kiddos this year.
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