Five for Friday!

I am so excited to be doing a Five for Friday again!  Thanks so much to Doodle Bugs Teaching for hosting this linky.

My report cards are done and went home Thursday.   I had a great week with my kiddos.  And... I went to the best teacher meetup EVER last weekend.  I will be doing a more in depth post on that soon.  I hope...

The #teacherstakesacramento2016 pacific coast meet up happened last weekend.  Over 80 teachers came together for fun, friendship, and lots of great swag and prizes.  What a fantastic weekend!

We did a fun scavenger hunt around Old Sacramento Saturday morning.  I met some great teachers!

You should check out Instagram to see all the great teachers involved.  Search the hashtag above.  I will go into more detail in my post about the meet up.  You will LOVE to see all the swag!  It was an awesome event.  Check back for a post sometime this weekend.

Every morning this week, the big, almost full, moon was shining bright through my kitchen window.  I just had to go outside and try to capture it.  Try is the operative word here.  It was so beautiful!  My crappy photo doesn't do it justice.  I love seeing the moon through the trees...

This is a sweet "origami" love note from an adorable little student.  She gives me beautiful little pictures and other works of art regularly.  She is such a sweetheart!  This is one of the things that makes teaching special.  I love my job.  Kid gifts are the best!

We have been doing a non fiction mini unit on Bears this week.  This is how I set my kids up for success for informative writing.  This is an oral report outline created collaboratively by a small group.  Then I model the wrong way to do the report and the right way to do the report.  I support them with topic/conclusion sentence examples and then each student in the group comes up and does the report on their own using the outline.  They say a full sentence for each idea starting with the topic, then moving through the three star ideas and concluding with another sentence about the topic.  The kiddos did a great job.  I had a few sweeties tell me this is their favorite job.  Yay!!!  Do you use Step up to Writing at your school?  This is my kindergarten adapted way of doing it for little learners.  Tomorrow the kids will make an outline with their own ideas  like this on paper and practice the report orally.  Next week we will use it to write an informational report on bears.  Woo hoo!

Last but not least, I am kicking my feet up as I blog in my cute new socks from Tom's.  They were donated for the rockin' swag bags we got at the pacific coast meetup.  It was the best swag bag EVER!!!

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  1. LOL... I know exactly what you mean when you are seeing something beautiful with your eyes (like the moon) and cannot photograph it in the same way.

    Your card from your little student is precious!