It's a Spring FREEBIE!

Hello there and happy first day of spring!  I am doing lots of fun things with a spring theme in the classroom this week and I just wanted to share this fun math fact number bond activity my kiddos will be doing on Friday.

You will need some plastic eggs and candies to do it.  I am using the m&m candies as you can see in my photo above.  You could use any little candies that fit in the eggs.  When you fill the eggs with candy, you will need to put only two colors in each egg.  That way you will have two parts for the number bond.  The example above is 3 green and 4 purple make 7 altogether.  You can see pictures of the candies in the egg and the matching number bond next to it on the recording sheet.

I don't let my students eat the candies while they are working, but maybe you do...  mine usually have a little basket they have made to put them in to go home.

This is a fun activity and it is great practice for math facts and number bonds.  Yay!

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Here is a picture of the recording sheet for this number bond activity:

You can go grab it in my Teachers Pay Teachers store here: FREEBIE! Spring egg number bonds

Thanks so much for stopping by.
Happy spring!
Happy teaching!