Melt Art Fun!

This is a fun and unique way to do crayon art and I hope your kiddos will LOVE it as much as mine do.  You will need a flat surface griddle.  They often go on sale and can be had for under $20.  Cover it with foil.  Turn the temperature to just about 200 degrees.  You will need crayons with the wrappers off and some kind of tool to hold and move the paper.
Here is my set up:

This is set up for two children to use it at the same time.  Two sheets of paper fit together very nicely on the tray.  Copy paper works especially well for this art activity.

This is a center in my classroom.  I only allow four students at a time to be at this one.  Two can be working on the art while the other two watch and wait.  I have an adult supervise this a few times before it can be independent.  I have done this for years in my classroom and have NEVER had a safety issue.

Once the surface is hot, it is ready to go.  You can draw with the crayons, but they melt as you draw.  It is like drawing and painting at the same time.  The end result is very cool!

It is important to use some kind of tool to hold and move the paper.  I use pencils that have not yet been sharpened.  The final product does not take long to dry, just a minute or so.
We did eggs last week and of course, we couldn't stop there....

So we made colorful chicks hatching out of them:

"My chick is kuot!  My chick is haching."

'My chick is happy.  My chick is difrent from the others."

"I like my bluejay because it is blue."

They are so darn cute I could lay an EGG!
Happy spring and happy teaching!

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