2016 - 2017 Calendars are Posted!

I am so happy to share my new calendars with you.  I wanted to let those of you who own the perpetual version know you can go download your new calendars for the year.  I hope you love them!  I am already thinking of some new art projects to go with them.

For those of you who don't yet own the perpetual version, I just want you to know why these are worth the investment.  They are differentiated to meet the needs of ALL your students.  That means four versions for each month and five for Sept. and Oct.   They are redesigned every year with a fresh look and new clip art.  They also include lots of ideas for art projects with links to blog posts and templates.  This is meant to save you time and give you a great monthly activity that is handled and easy.  For me that is priceless.

I have been doing a little research about my retirement and I think (God willing) I will be teaching until 2028.  So, I will be making the calendars until then and possibly longer.  That means a lot more calendars coming your way.  

Go check them out:  Calendars for Number Writing ~ Perpetual~

Thanks for stopping by!
Happy teaching!