Spring ideas and a FREEBIE blog hop!

I am so happy to be joining my #kinderfriends for another blog hop!  This one is loaded with lots of FREEBIES for you to use this spring.  We are having a sale too!  Just search on TpT using #kinderfriends and you will find all of our special spring deals.  Make sure you read through this entire post so your grab all the freebies I have for you.

We just had our first warm week last week and I am so ready for the warm weather.  But this week is another filled with cold and rain.  Spring is here, but it may be a while before it totally kicks in.  Spring fever in my classroom has kicked in, though.  Oh my goodness, we have been working on behavior!  If you want to grab a free printable that I use in my classroom to help with spring fever, you can grab it right here: Spring Fever FREEBIE!

The kiddos are excited and I am too.  I am getting excited for the fun spring themes coming our way.  Flowers are popping up everywhere, so I made a little hands on center activity for subtraction practice.  It is FREE through March 23rd only!  Check it out...

It's a subtraction sorting activity.  Kids sort the leaves onto the flower with the answer to the problem.  My kids will have manipulatives to do the problems hands-on if they need them.  I will encourage mental math, but subtraction can be tricky for our kindergarten darlings, so here is an example of the additional support using manipuatives:

The problem on the leaf is 8-4, the child starts with 8 flower erasers on the ten frame, and then takes away 4.  She is left with 4.  Then she places the leaf on the 4 flower.  The ten frame in this photo is perfect for those little erasers that we all love to use as math manipulatives.  They are a part of a ten frame cards set I made to help with math and number talks in my classroom.  You can grab those right here: Ten Frame Number Cards 0-10

The subtraction sort activity has problems with answers 2, 3, 4, and 5.

It also has two cut and paste worksheets for students to do as homework or extra practice.  I hope this is helpful to you!  This subtraction sort is FREE until March 23rd only!  You can go  grab it right here: Spring Flower Subtraction Sort
Spring means active learning is more important than ever.  Subtraction is such a big math concept for kindergarten kiddos, we will need fun ways to practice for the rest of the school year.  So I made a fun little recording sheet to do subtraction bowling in your classroom.  I wanted to start with only 6 cups in the beginning because that's what my students needed.

 After making this for 6, I decided to make it for 10, 15, and 21 as well.  That way, I can differentiate for my class and my first grade friends will be able to have fun with this activity too.  I make double sided copies of this sheet and kids have them on clip boards while doing the activity.  I like to do this as a small group station.  Kids can write number sentences for every turn or just their own.  It is a fun way to practice math facts and solidify those subtraction skills.

This is another spring FREEBIE for you!  You can grab the number 10 recording sheet right here: Subtraction Bowling FREEBIE   If you want the recording sheets for all the numbers, you can grab it in my TpT store right here: Subtraction Bowling ~ Number Sentence Recording Sheets

Don't forget that we are having a Spring SALE through March 23rd.  Just search the #kinderfriends hashtag in the TpT search box at the top of the screen to grab some great things to make this your best spring ever!

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