Spring is here!

Spring is here!  The days are getting longer, the trees have blossoms, flowers are everywhere, and the little darlings are bouncy and chatty.  Spring break is next week, so we need to have FUN in the classroom this week.   This spring word building activity is the perfect way to teach or review the -ing chunk in words.  This set has all you need to build the words in the -ing word family as well as word cards for a sort.

We will be building the words with magnetic letters.  The set also includes little letter cards that are just the right size if you like to use those.  I prefer the magnetic letters because of the tactile feel and shape of the letters.  I also like to save the paper and printer ink by not printing out the letter cards.

Students will record each word on this cute sheet after they build it.   In my Kindergarten class, 10 words seems to be just the right amount to keep them focused and on task.  More than that and I start to lose them.  So, this set comes with 16 words; enough to do this two times if you feel it is appropriate.  Or, you could differentiate the words used in groups based on student needs.  The simple words king, wing, sing, may be more appropriate for some students while others need the challenge of string, spring, thing, and even- wring!

This is an example of the word sort using the -ing words and other words.  The other words will give your students a review of 2 and 3 letter blends and the sh, ch, th digraphs as well.  This word sort could be done as an extension of the word building or as a completely separate literacy center.  There is an additional recording sheet included in the set for that purpose.

If you would like to use this fun word building activity in your classroom, you can find it on my TPT store.  Just click on the image or link below to get it.

We are also going to review addition and subtraction with a fun game.  This one will be used several times in the upcoming weeks because it does not scream Easter, but rather is a colorful spring theme.  It really can be used at any time of year.

This game can be played 4 ways.  It can be used with addition problems, subtraction problems, 10-frame number identification, or mixed problems.  It is simple to play and could be done independently by students after they have been trained.

This is the game board without the answers covered.  I'm loving it right now.  And for those of you that know me.... of course I had to get some butterflies on there.  I think games are such a great way to learn.  I use lots of games in my classroom.  Young students need to have FUN in school!  This is a print, laminate, done! set that will provide many no prep lessons in the future.  Gotta love games!

If you would like this game for your classroom, you can get it on TPT.  Just click on the image or link below:

Happy Spring!
Happy Teaching!

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