CVC Word Fluency

We have been working hard in the classroom to make sure that all students are able to read and write those little 3 letter words fluently.  It is such an important early step in reading and literacy.   This set of cards has made it easy and fun for the kiddos to master cvc words.  It is a big 70 card set and we use it for games, sorts, building words, and other great activities. 

This is an example of a word sort we did.  First the sweeties sorted the pictures by medial vowel sound.  Then they matched the word to the picture.  Then they recorded the words on a paper and read them all back to me before they left the center.  Powerful! 

Here is the work:

Here is the nonsense/real word sort we did.  There are 20 additional nonsense cards in the set.  The kids liked the silly words.  They just sound so funny.  But, reading those silly words really helps reinforce the skill of phonetically decoding words.  It also reviews  the letter sounds needed to be fluent.  This is the same activity as above without the pictures and just using words.  

And some student work:

I love this set of cards, because it has so many of the center activities I like to do to support cvc fluency, but just the one set of cards.   It makes my life easier to just have one set for everything and not hundreds of cards and game pieces for all the activities.  Although I like to have a variety of activities and games in the classroom,  I have found the storage, organization, and maintenance can become cumbersome.  Sometimes LESS is MORE.  That is why I made this set of cards.  One resource with some of the most powerful word work activities around.  

This card set can also be used to support learning for rhyming, and other phonemic awareness skills.  I also have my kids pull a picture card and build words with magnetic letters.  This set could be used for write the room, and many other literacy centers in the classroom.

Just a few examples of some other activities in the set:

This is a 4 in a row Bingo game:

These are some examples of the cards in the set:

This little board game is included too!  This is another fun way to practice cvc word reading.  

If you would like this valuable resource to use in your classroom you can find it at my Teachers pay Teachers shop.  Just click on the image or links below:

Happy Teaching everyone!

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