Fishing for Numbers!

We have been having "oceans" of fun fishing for numbers in the classroom.  My kiddos really enjoy fishing out magnetic numbers and recording subtraction problems during centers time.  I remembered this idea when I found it on Pinterest.  So, I made a full set of center recording sheets for addition and subtraction.  Thank you to Make Do and Friends for the post!  Here is the link if you want to check out the blog:  This has been re-pinned by lots of people.  I pinned it quite a while back from Charlotte Braddock- this is her page:  Thank you ladies!

So,  if you are interested in fishing for numbers in your classroom, here is what I did:

I made recording sheets for adding, subtraction from 5-10, and two sheets for decomposing numbers for 5 and 10.  I also added some fish cards to be used as a manipulative for students who need the support. There are also some fish number cards for teachers who cannot or do not want to use magnetic numbers.  These are the fish cards:

You get two full sets of each fish card in this set.  There are also directions for a little number identification game called BANG!  It would be perfect for beginning of the year in Kinder.

If you would like to use this in your classroom you can find it on Teachers Pay Teachers.  Just click the image or link below to get it!

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