Word Hunt Fun!

We had so much fun being word detectives this week!  I needed an active learning activity for the class before our presentation on dental health.  I don't know why I have never thought of doing this before.  It was the PERFECT 30 minute activity!  I got this idea from Pinterest, of course!  A home school mom had done this with her boys using numbers.  Here is the link to her post on the number hunt if you are interested: Number Hunt Fun (www.makingboysmen) 
Thanks Hannah!

 It seemed a perfect fit to use sight words for my bright little Kinder students.  I must admit, I did not quite expect the enthusiasm that I was greeted with when I told the class that they were going to be "word detectives."  They were so excited and joyful as they set to the task of discovering all ten of the hidden words outside in the yard.  They needed to write each one on to their list to prove that they had found it and then they read each word on the list as they turned it in to an adult. 

We used little clipboards so writing outdoors was easy.  It was a beautiful morning, and smiles were abundant from students and teachers!  Aahhhh, life is good- happy students, happy teacher!  We will definitely do this activity again.

Just a couple more photos-

I now have a set of laminated word cards on big craft sticks for the future.  It didn't take long at all to make them.  This will be a permanent addition to my "bag of tricks" for future sunny days.
Hope you try this with your little darlings.

Just added:

Here is a FREE recording sheet just the right size for the little half sheet clip boards like the one in the photo above.  I have had requests from students to do this activity again, so I made this  for the second go around and wanted to share it.  Just click on the image or the link below.  It will take you to TPT to get the document.  Enjoy!

Happy Teaching!


  1. Great idea, now our oldest is starting to read this is a great way to make learning sight words fun. Off to pin

  2. I also do scavenger hunts inside the classroom. I usually have them find words with the phonics skill for the week. They look on the walls, in books, and anywhere else they see words.