Happy Valentine's Day!

We had a sweet and simple Valentine's Day celebration in the classroom this year.  Lots of love going around!  We delivered valentines, played a fun bingo game, and made our love lists.  Then we got to open cards and enjoy a few treats.  The kiddos had music and art today before going home.  It was a great day!

This year I gave my sweeties a bubble wand with a little heart card attached.  I LOVE glitter.  So, I had to share the glitter love on Valentine's day.

This is a 100 activity that we did last week.  It is perfect for this time of year.  The teacher calls out the numbers needed in a random order.  The students discover the surprise design as they get closer and closer to the end.  You can differentiate this activity by how you introduce the number.  For many students, just finding the number on a hundreds chart is challenge enough.  For kids that are ready, you can ask them to find the number that is one less than, one more than, etc.  If you have worked on place value enough at this point in the year, you can tell them to find the number with 9 tens and 5 ones.  There are lots of ways to make the number prompt more challenging.  This activity can be done with many designs and is a good one to re-visit through out the year.

This is another Valentine's themed art we did for the February calendar that went home earlier this month.  The hand and wrist was traced and cut out and glued onto the paper.  The heart stamps were done with toilet paper tubes folded and taped to make a heart shape!  I got this idea from a pin by teach preschool.org.  You can check out her blog by clicking on this link: www.teachpreschool.org
Thanks Deborah!

Here is that love list we did:

It is a great writing prompt.  For kindergarten kids, a list is often easier to tackle than a narrative, especially on Valentine's day.  I feel lucky that I got them doing academics at all.  If you would like to use this love list activity in your classroom, you can get it in my TPT store.  It's FREE!!!  Just spreading the love for Valentine's day!  You can click on the link or image below to go get it:

Last but not least, we did this heart graph activity the day before.  We have a policy at our school to only have sweets once per month, so I don't do many lessons that use candy.  Besides, I think conversation hearts taste awful!  If you are going to eat sugar, make it the good stuff!  This is a great alternative to the conversation heart graphs that you see everywhere....

This is also a FREEBIE in my TpT store!  It comes with two sets of colored hearts and both a colored and black & white graph.  Click on the image above or the link above to get it.  Enjoy!

Hope you all had a great Valentine's day!

Happy Teaching!

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