100 Days of School!

We have been getting ready for the 100th day of school in our classroom.  We have been counting by 10s, by 5s, and by 1s to 100.  We have been learning what 100 looks like.  We have been exploring 100 in many ways...

A yummy activity to practice counting to 100 by tens.  If you would like to do this activity with your class, you can find it at Teachers Pay Teachers.  Just click on the link or image below:



A class quilt to practice counting to 100 by fives.  The kids were so excited about this when they came to school and it was all put together and up in the room.  They spontaneously broke out into a chant counting.  It was wonderful!

This activity really helped solidify the concept that ten groups of ten make 100 for my little students.  I got this idea from a pin that originally came from For the Love of Kindergarten http://kindergartenfreckleteacher.blogspot.com/2012/02/this-week-in-pictures-and-links-2-62-10.html
She has some other fun ideas for 100 and lots of other cool stuff going on in her class last February.  This was my take on the paint dots idea.  Thanks Cindy!  If you would like to get the printable shown in the photo above along with all sorts of other goodies for your class, you can get it here: Print and Go! 100 Days Math and Literacy (NO PREP).

You can also do the dot painting this way too.  It's fun to make 100 gumballs.  This sheet is also in my Print and Go! 100 Days Math and Literacy (NO PREP) .  All you have to do is make copies, put out the paint, and you're done!  Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

We did the 100s chart puzzles a few days before the actual 100th day.  I made them in several colors so that the kids could keep track of their pieces easier.  And so that our bulletin board will be more colorful.  Ha ha!

This is one of the activities the kids did independently on the 100th day.  Small groups worked together collaboratively to build a structure with 100 blocks.  Looks Great!

Another activity that kids had to do independently and collaboratively was to find the 100 hearts hidden around the classroom.  They found all but three and worked together to put them in order.  They needed 71, 84, and 86.  They were hidden in the felt board area in the bag with the felt shapes.  Tricky!  The hearts are tipped because they were too pointy to stand straight in the pocket chart.  Speaking of pocket charts, in this photo, mine sure looks old.  Maybe it is time for a new one...

We also had a center for the kids to make a bag with 100 snacks.  Some teachers call this activity a trail mix.  I call it snacks.  We do a very simple version of it.  I put each of the ten snacks out on a table.  Students each have a baggie with their name written on it.  They take turns going to each of the snacks and counting out 10 into the baggie.  The kiddos were so excited to eat it at recess.  Yippee!

Each child got to make a special 100s day hat with 100 stickers on it.  They look so cute wearing the hats in the classroom.  Fun!

The most challenging activity of our 100th day was writing about what you would do if you had $100.  Most of my students this year decided to spend it.  One or two decided to save it.  One little boy said he would give it to his family.  I thought that was sooooo sweet!

Here are a couple of interesting ones:

"I would buy a peecok."

"I would bi a hol oshin!"

I love the kids' drawing and writing!  So cute.  This prompt is so fun to see what their ideas are about.  I do this every year for the 100th day.

This year, I finally made the time to create all my favorite activities for the 100th day in  a time saving, black and white ink saving, Print and Go! pack.   If you are looking for some new things or some oldies but goodies that have cute graphics and simple layouts for young students, you should go check it out.  (Just click on the image below to go get it.)  I hope you have a wonderful 100th day celebration with your sweeties!

Happy 100th day!
Happy teaching!


  1. Thank you for all these great ideas! Many are new to me and I'm so excited for 100's Day!

  2. I LOVE your 100th day Ideas. Ours is the day after we get back from Spring break, on the 25th! There are so many good ideas out there it's going to be SO hard to pick the ones my first graders will have the most fun with.

    Mrs. D @ Reading with Mrs. D