Throwback Thursday ~ Back to School Word Wall set up

Hi everyone!  I am linking up with the girls at Freebielicious again.  Today is throwback Thursday, so I am showing some ideas from two years ago.  I had needed to re-do my word wall for the new school year.  You can see the full post here: Word Wall.  It also includes my calendar set up from back then as well. 

This is what my classroom typically looks like when I am getting it set up.  There is always a huge mess everywhere and somehow magically it gets cleaned, organized, and ready for the first day.

I wish I had a before picture of the old word wall to show you.  But, honestly I would probably be too embarrassed to put it here on public display.  It was long over due for a re-model.

I must say I still love this little title poster on top.  It is holding up pretty well.  I will be going into my third year using this now.  I can't get into my classroom until about two weeks before school this year, so it is going to have to get me through one more year. 

These are the cards I used for the words.  They came from my Super Sight Words Set.  You can get that in TpT in my store.

This is what the word wall looks like when all the words are up.

OK, this is the best part.  Because my word wall is on a divider, it is at student height and the words are attached using Velcro.  So, it is interactive and when a student wants to look at the word up close, she can just take it off the wall, use it in writing, and then go put it back.  Even though I also have little word wall charts at the writing table, some students really prefer to go grab it off the wall.

 Hope this little idea is helpful to you.  If you are setting up your classroom right now, my heart goes out to you!  Best of luck!

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  1. How great is that! I love that the words are available for them to take when they need them!
    Always Primary

  2. Aww, thanks! It works well and some students really love to go get the word. Thanks for stopping by!