Word Wall

 This post is really about my word wall, but most of my classroom still looks like this:

 Does your classroom have a huge explosion each year before you start and then it gets put back together?  Seems like that happens a lot to me.  This year it especially needed to happen.  I have the luxury of working in a classroom that is not used during the summer, so I can leave my bulletin boards up each year.  Boy, I feel so lucky about that.  But is was sure time for a re-model!

I am pretty happy with how my new word wall came out.   It is on a small standing divider next to the table where sight word instruction, word wall games,  and most writing happens in the classroom. 

I cut and glued these at home one night while watching one of my guilty pleasure shows, What Not to Wear.  I have to say I am so sad that this is the last season.

This is for a kindergarten classroom, so there are not as many words as for a first grade class.  Thankfully it all works in my room like this.    Ii doesn't quite have enough space, but it still works.  Oh well!  I like the colors and the black background.

This is the part I like best about my word wall.  It is at student height and the words are attached using velcro, so it is interactive for the kiddos. If a child needs to go get a word off the wall when writing, he/she can grab it and bring it back to his/her seat.  I also have printed versions of the word wall at the table for students to use when writing.  That is a super helpful tool!

Where did I get my sight word cards?  I made a big comprehensive sight word set filled with two sets of cards and lots of fun games and activities for word work.  This set really helps my students with sight word fluency.  You can check it out in my TpT shop right here: Sight Word Super Set #1  You can also click on the image below.

I managed to get a few other things done last week as well.  This is my daily calendar set up and a peek at my new alphabet.  I am in love with the Boho Birds borders and other coordinating items I got for my room this year.  Too cute, right?  Birds for Mrs. Byrd's class:)  My calendar  is very simple, but I often add little mini lessons in math to go along with it, like the equations of the day.  You can see that on this post: Mrs Byrd's Learning Tree: Math Fluency  I really like how the numbers also have a transparent color and shape pattern each month that I can design with a variety of choices.

OK, I am off to get a few more things done.
Happy teaching!


  1. I love it! I'm soon to be a preK teacher (not really, I just got into college... :( ) and this blogs inspires me, thank you so much!

  2. My friend and I are in love with your calendar and the transparent shapes! Would you mind telling us where you bought them? We have looked at Lakeshore, Staples, Amazon, Really Good Stuff, etc. and have had no luck... Thank you!

  3. DR Where did you get the divider? I would like to make a word wall but do not want to do it on a wall

  4. I don't know where the divider came from. It was in the classroom when I started teaching at my school. Hope you can find one or create one of your own. The one I have looks very old.... like maybe from the sixties when the school was built. Not sure...