Bonny Doon Art Show

Better late than never!  I feel awful that I took some time off from blogging without doing this cool post about the Bonny Doon Art Show.  I needed some serious rest and relaxation this summer!  So, please accept my heartfelt apology for such a huge gap between posts and no notice about time off.  I freshened up the blog a bit and am now getting ready to hit the ground running for the school year! 

These are some photos from a spectacular art show at Bony Doon School.  The staff planned a theme for each month of the year (landscapes, abstract, still life, etc.) and each classroom did art projects related to the theme.  Each student then chose his or her personal best items to include in the show.  It was like walking through an incredible gallery and these photos do not fully capture how wonderful it all was.  Kudos to all the teachers and staff who worked so hard to make it possible!  It sure was a proud moment for the school.

These are just a few of the art pieces that grabbed my eye before my camera ran out of batteries.....

I tried to focus on art that was made by younger students.  Isn't it inspiring?  Perfect to fuel our creative juices for the new school year. 

Just one little comment about art:  As we all make room for new things with the Common Core State Standards, don't forget that we want kids to be creative thinkers and problem solvers.  Art is a fantastic way to give students practice with both!  Art gives students an opportunity to explore materials, as well as new forms of communication and expression.  It also gives students opportunities to persevere, often when frustrated or stuck!  So, please remember that art will continue to be important for students to help prepare them for a successful future.  Ok, maybe that was more than one little comment.  I'll stop now.

Hope you all had a beautiful summer.
Happy teaching!

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