I Love Games!

OK, I know you are here to get the FREEBIE.  But yes, I am going to make you scroll through a shameless promotion to get it.  I needed a little rhyming review game for quite a few of my sweeties back in January, so I made a game for all of them to play.  I love games because they do much more than practice the target skill.  When you play with two dice, you cover subitizing skills, adding fluency, and one to one counting on the game board.  So we did rhyming and all that on this game board which YOU can have at the bottom of the post.

Of course I saw this idea on Pinterest.  I keep this container with the game markers in it.  It's easy to reach at all times.  I can use it with any roll the dice game board in the classroom.  I use these colorful buttons as game markers.  They work great!

OK, here is the other game I am loving right now....

I made this game to help my sweet students practice teen numbers while building concepts of place value.  It is a perfect time of year for this with my students.  This game uses problem cards like the ten frame one above.  Kids choose a problem card and then cover the numeral it represents with a cute game card like these....

This game comes with 4 different problem cards so you can play it four ways.  Ten frames like above....
Base ten blocks ...

tally marks,,,
and expanded form.  This game also comes with four different recording sheets for use in the center or as independent practice in homework, morning work, etc.

If you want to get the Valen-teens! game for your class you can find it on Teachers Pay Teachers.  I will be playing this game twice next week in my class.

OK, thanks for stopping by.  Here's the Roll and Rhyme freebie.  Just click on the image below to get it.  It is a roll the dice, move your marker, make a rhyme game.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Hope you and your students have fun!
Happy Teaching!


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