George, Abe, and the Tooth Fairy

Happy President's day weekend!  With Valentines Day on Friday, and my 100th day the week before, I couldn't squeeze in the presidents before the holiday this year.  So I just HAD to do a cute craft while studying the presidents a little bit this week.  And....

I was just talking to a dear teacher friend on Friday about using a die cut machine.  Her school doesn't have one!  Can you believe it?  And I told her about this really great computerized one called the Cricut machine.  One was given to me as a classroom gift years ago.  (Thank you, Rachel!!!) And boy, has it been handy!  I feel so lucky to have both an Ellison machine for my school and this baby below in my classroom.

When I told her about the Cricut machine, she said "Now, there's a blog post!"  (Thanks Samira!)  She had never heard about them.  Boy, they are great for a K-1 classroom!  And, it just so happened that I needed one to pull together George and Abe super quick!  So here's the way it works...

You put one of these cartridge things  into the machine.

Then, you put a piece of 6"x9" paper on this thing.  It's sticky.

Then you follow the directions and tell the machine what to cut and...

Taa daa!  It will cut whatever size little shape it is programed for automatically on your paper.  Super easy and very cool.   Check out the cute leprechaun ladders we made with it.  Today I needed a little star for George...

He is actually pretty small.  His face is a 4" diameter circle from the Ellison die cut machine.  I had to get everything ready for my little sweeties to make him tomorrow.  I drew out the hat the correct size and then copied the template onto the construction paper.  The kids will cut it out, add the star, and the other details.  We will put this together with Abe on a bigger paper and write about each of them.   The little star makes the whole thing! 

OK, I know you are asking..... What does the Tooth Fairy have to do with any of this?  She doesn't really.  But I also made a cute certificate to give to kiddos who lose a tooth.  Just wanted to share the love!  Click on the image below to go get it!

Thanks for stopping by.

Happy Teaching!

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