Five for Friday!

Hi there!  I am soooooo glad it is Friday.  I had another busy busy week and I am looking forward to sleeping  the weekend.  I had Back to School night on Wednesday so...  you know how it is.  I know that at some point in the future I will feel caught up and on top of my game.  Still have too much on my to do list to say I am there yet.

1.  This is what my main bulletin board in my classroom has looked like the first two weeks of school.  I finally got it up last weekend to get ready for Wednesday night.

This is how it turned out.  I am pretty happy with it.

The kiddos did name puzzles and I also traced their sweet little hands on the first day of school as my center (job).  It brightens up our room.  Now I need to think about what I want to put up to replace it... hmmmm.

2.  This is bulletin board number two.  This activity was done on the second day of school after reading The Kissing Hand  By Audrey Penn.  This board is actually bigger, but this gives you a good idea of how it looked.  I have 20 kids in my class right now.

This is the response page that the kiddos filled out with my help.  I covered up the name on this one, but you can tell the name would go on the top line.  I wrote in the feeling word or words each student wanted me to write.  This little guy didn't want me to write a feeling.  He just wanted his little heart.  Who am I to argue?  It's fine with me for the second day of kinder...  Nice job on the hand tracing, right?   He did it all by himself.  Woo hoo!  You can get a response page like this one for FREE here:  Kissing Hand Freebie!

3.  I finally opened up my new set of flair fine tip pens.  I bought these especially for my thank you notes.  I often add a little doodle in my notes just for fun.  I had seen some other teachers talk about these on Instagram and I am such a sucker for fine tip pens in many colors.   LOVE them!

4.  Speaking of Instagram...  I am so happy because I finally figured out how to post on Instagram at my school.  We have a website blocking system for kiddo safety and unfortunately my school is out in the boonies, so I don't have enough juice on my phone to post without using wi-fi.  My school secretary told me how she was able to use the fb app so I tried it with Instagram on my phone and it worked!!!  Yay!!!  I wanted to post some fun things going on in the classroom this year.  This was my first post from my actual classroom this week.   If you want to follow me on Instagram, you can find me right here: @mrsbyrdslearningtree.

5.  I have been fighting my first bug of the year.  I had a sore throat first.  So I fought it off with these goodies among other things.  I am a believer in coloidal silver.  I always use it whenever I feel something coming on.  I just drop it right down in my throat.  You can drop it down your nose too!  I also had some ginger tea with honey and lemon.  YUM!!!  Nothing like that to soothe a sore throat.  Zinc lozenges are a must.  My husband is an acupuncturist, so we use lots of natural remedies for all the cold and flu symptoms throughout the year.  He really likes olive leaf extract, too.  That is what is in the little green and yellow tincture bottle.  I took a dropper full in a little water three times per day.

I also took some of this.  I ALWAYS take this when I feel like I am sick or getting sick.  It is the best stuff ever!!!  Diagnosis with Chinese medicine is totally different than western medicine.  I usually take this with some other Chinese herbs as well, depending on my symptoms.  Since my hubby is a licensed acupuncturist, all I have to do is ask him what to take.  If you are considering taking Chinese herbs or other natural remedies, I strongly urge you to talk to a professional health care provider that you trust before you take anything.

They did the trick and I was feeling much better...

...but there are LOTS of snotty noses in my classroom right now.  OMGoodness!  I have been helping babies blow their noses!  So, now I am sneezing and feeling a bit congested.  Time to start back with the herbs and tea again.

I never should have stopped taking them.  (This week kicked my butt!)

Why is it so hard to take care of myself when I am teaching???

I think I will just sleep all weekend.  Ooohhh that sounds so good.  Sleeeep...
I might do laundry too.

But, that's it.  Sleep and do laundry.  That's my agenda for the weekend. 

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Thanks for stopping by!  Hope your weekend is way more exciting than mine.
Happy teaching!


  1. Get some rest and feel better soon! Sleep is an excellent remedy as well!

    Joya :)

    1. Thank you Joya! Yes, sleep and rest IS the best remedy:) Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I think kid germs get stronger every year! We've already gone through about 5 tissues boxes.

    1. I think you're right! Thanks for stopping by.