Snowball CVC Picture cards FREEBIE!

Hey there!  I have had several requests for a little set of CVC picture cards to go with a recording sheet that is in my Print and Go! Winter Math and Literacy (NO PPREP).  So here it is!  The recording sheet is super sweet.  Kids love anything to do with snowballs, even if they are really cotton balls and paper, or crumpled up paper.  I did a blog post last year with lots of fun winter learning activities from my classroom.  You can check it out here: Snow much Fun! 

This is what the recording sheet loos like:

So,  for those of you who don't already have a set of CVC picture cards in your classroom to use with this sheet, you can use the small set of paper balls shown in the photo at the top of the post.  It has 20 cards, four for each vowel.  Just to be clear, you will have some prep involved to make these cards.  They need to be cut out and then I recommend that you laminate them for durability.  (That is the main reason I didn't add them into the Print and Go! Winter Math and Literacy (NO PPREP)  product.  I didn't want to turn it into a prep required product.)

If you are interested in a big set of cards that can be crumpled up into paper snowballs like the photo above, you can find them right here: BIG Black & White CVC Cards.   I use those because it is a huge set (94 cards) so it can be used over and over again without students becoming "bored" or memorizing all the words.  It also comes with the words as well so the set can be used for much more than just this recording sheet for a single center.  However, this is a big set, and a completely separate product, so it is NOT part of the Print and Go! Winter Math and Literacy (NO PPREP).

OK, here is the FREEBIE you came here for, just click on the link below to go grab it:


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Happy teaching!

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