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Hi there!  Just a quick post to share something I made for my up coming week.  I am teaching that FREE NY Common Core math program for the first time this year.  You know the one I'm talking about, right?  The unit on numbers 1-10 starts with learning about attributes.  So I quick like made these little cards to help out.  I don't plan on going through my sock drawer each year to prep for the very first lesson.  Nor do I have room in my classroom to store a set of "teacher made plates, bowls, and cups in different patterns and colors".  I figure that along with my big chunky attribute blocks, these sweet cards will do the trick.  (I probably will go through my sock drawer tonight though ;)

I just wanted another set of tools that we can use to reinforce these concepts with games and activities.  I love using cards because they are easy to store, and easy for little hands to use when playing.  The cards above were sorted by the border style on the cards.

These are sorted by color.

These are sorted by design.  Some have hearts, some flowers, while others are plain.

These are sorted by size.  So that is four obvious attributes that can be identified, compared, and classified by your kiddos.  Plus, this set includes a few odd ball cards with a small heart and stripes.  Those will make students really think about attributes and have discussions about where they should be grouped.  Got to have some juicy discussions and critical thinking to make things fun!

Here are some examples of how I will teach the very first lesson with the concepts "exactly the same"  and "the same but...".  This lesson is all about noticing differences and attributes.  It also supports kids in verbalizing those observations.

These are the same but...  one is big and the other is small.

These are the same but... one is yellow and the other is green.

These are the same but... one is plain and the other one has a heart on it.

These are the same but... one has a squiggly line around the apple (different border styles).

You get the idea.  I printed two complete sets of these cards so that I can match up some cards that are "exactly the same" too.  I hope you like this idea.  You might want to use these in your classroom too.  They would be a great addition to any apple studies going on in your classroom.  This is a simple resource so it doesn't cost very much.  You can go get it in my TpT store by clicking on the image below.

Thanks so much for stopping by.
Happy teaching!

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