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Need some simple activities to help your young students develop reading fluency? Here are a few things I am doing with my class (in addition to our normal familiar reading practice).  We are done with CVC words and have moved on to blends and digraphs, but, it is really important to practice "putting it all together" to read and write with ease.  I have made some helpful little sheets to practice reading, sentences, and punctuation.  And it is so easy to make them into a literacy center for the class before I send the pages home in the homework.

The kiddos work together in a small group to read and answer all the questions on the pocket chart.  Then, they sit down at the table and do a little recording sheet to practice and review.  Some of the questions are silly, so it is fun.  Anytime they get to use the do-a-dot dabbers, I have happy students.  So, this little activity was a success!

You can get this little pack for only $1.00 in my TpT store.  It took me less than ten minutes to write out the sentence strips to make it into a literacy center.  Woo hoo!  Just click on the image below to go get it.

This is another activity that helps build reading fluency but also helps young students understand what makes a complete sentence.  I did the same thing as the Read and Answer center above.  I used one of the sheets from the pack and wrote out all the sentences and phrases on sentence strips.  I added a couple more into the pocket chart just for practice.  After working together in a small group to complete the pocket chart, the kiddos went to the table to do the practice page with dabbers.

I also made this mini anchor chart to introduce this concept in a simple way to my kindergarten sweeties.  The idea of complete sentences can be a bit tricky.  But this literacy center went very well and the "Is it a Sentence?" sheets will be going home in homework packs throughout the remainder of the school year.

This was a standard 8.5 X 11" sheet that I enlarged to ledger size paper (11 X17").  I put it on the yellow construction paper and laminated it.  It was a really helpful tool to help students with the activity, and you can get this for FREE down at the bottom of the post.  Just sharing the love.

You can get lots of practice pages for this concept.  I have two 6-packs!  Just click on the images below to go get them.  Yes, they are only $1.00 each.

The last item I made to help young readers cover a big concept is Pick the Punctuation!  I know it will be helpful to both kindergarten and first grade teachers.  Students need to read each line and choose the correct punctuation to end the sentence.  I will introduce this just a bit later in the year, but we have already been working on these concepts for quite some time.  This is an example from the pack:

This activity helps with so many areas of reading and writing.  It helps students understand and differentiate the end marks and read with appropriate expression, which in turn helps reading fluency.  These can also help kiddos improve correct usage in writing as well.   This would be just as easy to turn into a pocket chart center like the ones above.  You can get these sheets in my TpT store by clicking on the image below.  Yup, you guessed right, only $1.00.

I have lots of little 6-Packs! in my store.  Each pack is a single skill with a single format and includes six different versions.  I think $1.00 is just the right price and hope that it makes your life easier to be able to get just what you need in little packs.  I hate nothing more that paying for a big pack and then only using a few pages. 

OK, here's your freebie!  Click on the image to go get it in my TpT store.

Thanks so much for stopping by.  I hope these ideas help you in your classroom!
Happy teaching!

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