Counting and Reading

Hi there!  This is a quick little post on a cute counting book my kiddos made.  It is a simple idea, but has been a great little reader.  I especially love how it is helping my students practice reading the number words.  I thought it would be fun to use these old teddy bear stamps I had hanging around...

Do any of you still have these in your classroom?  They are soooooo old.  I am pretty sure they are from the Mathland program.   It was the math adoption back when I first started teaching over 15 years ago.  But, since I don't use mine often, they are in very good shape and worked out great for this little book!  My kids did the pages as an independent center over several days. 

My sweet little students did a great job on these.  But more importantly, they are a favorite in the book boxes and are read weekly by most of my kids.  I just LOVE when something we do covers both reading AND math.  This little book covers LOTS of standards!  There is something so magical about books that the kids make themselves.  They are so much more engaging than the other reading books we use.  The kiddos love reading them!  (and that makes me very HAPPY!!!!!!!!)

So, I want to put this out there to other teachers - I am sharing this idea so that you can do this in your classroom.  Yes, of course it is for sale on TPT, but since I am sharing it all right here on the blog....  if you have the time and inclination to make your own, GO FOR IT!!!!  I feel like all we do in our blogging, making products, and pinning on Pinterest, is sharing ideas and helping each other.  That is always my intention when I make something.  I made it for my own classroom and am just passing it on in hopes it helps you too!

It would also be really cute to make the pages using stickers like these.  In my packet, there is a page of paper teddies the kiddos can color, cut, and glue on to the pages.  There is also a set of pages with the teddies already on them.

So if you don't have the time or inclination to make it yourself but would like to use this book in your classroom, you can get it here (just click on the image):

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